We serve good food and plenty of it. Registered dietitians make our menus healthy. It’s our good cooks who make the meals worth eating. New residents are consulted about their food and likes an dislikes on a regular basis.

We are especially famous for our hearty breakfasts.
We’ll fix whatever special diet your doctor orders, and do our best to make it tasty. The coffee is always on, and snacks are always available.

Click here to see a sample menu.

Full beauty shop, to keep you looking your best.

Computer lab to keep you in touch and surf the internet. make your own blog and send pictures to friends.


Cedar Lake Nursing Home
Comfortable surroundings, friendly faces, excellent care, and a place where you can
feel at home.

Your home and your people
"yes, we are a friendly bunch of folks here"
Some things we are proud of


Enjoy down home cooking in our spacious dining rooms. We serve good food, and plenty of it, planned by dietitians to fit whatever diet you require.
Our hearty breakfasts can’t be beat!

Click here to see a sample menu.


Take a break in the gazebo and watch the squirrels steal the birdseed from the birds.

Help with the vegetable garden, or stake out your own flower bed. On these twelve acres, we’ve got plenty of room for both.


Cedar Lake Nursing Home features our Hospitality Room for the use of far away family members who visit overnight.




This room also serves as a "simulation home" to prepare our residents for the daily tasks they may encounter in their home environment.




The reception center where you will find our friendly staff on call for you 24/7.





Our well stocked library is a book worms paradise.





Fishing anyone?







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Cutting Edge Technology
in our Rural setting.

Here at Cedar Lake,
while we pride ourselves on our down-home, comfortable atmosphere, we constantly look for new ways to help our residents get better faster. Two recent additions to our arsenal of healing technologies are Anodyne Therapy and VitalStim Therapy. MORE>>

Our History
The development of the Cedar Lake Nursing Home is the story of a real-life family who grew up with the healthcare industry and as they grew, found a number of ways to respond to the needs of their community. Seeking to give their patients the very best, they drew around them, a staff of excellent individuals to form an extended family of caring.

The Humble family has been providing health care services in East Texas since 1967. They have always known that one of the best things to do for the residents is to make them feel at home.

Meet our Staff

Licensed by the Texas Dept. of Aging &
Disability Services
License # 112267
Centers for Medicare &
Medicaid Services
CLIA ID 45D047854

Cedar lake Nursing Home is truly a place that feels like home. When your environment at work is surrounded by warmth, love, professionalism and friends --coming to work is something I look forward to. I love it here! What a Great Home We Have! Come on in...will leave the light on for ya....."
-Kay Shriver, RN
Weekend Supervisor